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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  April 18, 2012 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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once again, explosive new pictures released of troops posing with the remains of afghan militants, their body, that is, blown up. the suicide bombers and the photos. getting to the truth -- the secret service and military aides at the center of a prostitution scandal may take lie-detector tests as we learn as many as 20 women may now have been involved. the other scandal rocking washington, the executive at the accide center of the gsa spending scandal took lavish trips to hawaii and the south pacific, all on your dime, even after he was warned about his jet-setting ways. and a baby kidnapped after her mother was downed down outside their pediatrician's office. that baby now safe and a registered nurse arrested for this crime. how could this happen and what happens now to little baby keegan? that story and much more. i'm thomas roberts. a lot of breaking news to get to
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today and several developing stories on a the agenda, as well. we begin with breaking news from the u.s. military. army officials are conducting a criminal investigation into newly revealed photos showing troops posing for photos with the body parts of dead afghan suicide bombers. an american soldier says he released those photos first published in the "l.a. times" to call attention to a breakdown in leadership and discipline. now, we cropped this photo that you're seeing here so that it is less offensive to our viewers. the pentagon has released a statement in reference to all of this. the secretary strongly states against this. a lot to talk about this morning. i am joined by nbc's jim miklaszewski standing by at the pentagon as well as msnbc military analyst and retired army colonel jack jacobs here with me in new york. mick, i want to start with you.
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we're hearing the remarks expressed by the secretary, disappointment coming from leon panetta for the pictures but also for the "l.a. times" in publishing these photos despite the fact the pentagon requested otherwise. now the jeannie is out of the body. how are they reacting? >> honestly, the first reaction at the pentagon was oh, my goodness, not again, are you kidding me? but they immediately then got into the investigation mode. they know who was responsible, who was involved. they were members of the 82nd airborne division out of ft. bragg who were originally sent to the scene to gather forensics on the bodies of dead taliban who were suicide bombers or others who had blown themselves up trying to plant an ied. and in that photo that you showed a minute ago, you can't show it all, obviously, because it's pretty grim, but those were afghan soldiers that were holding up the severed limbs of one of the suicide bombers.
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of course the americans were mugging in the background. in another photo, you see them mugging next to a dead body. but these photos were taken about two years ago. apparently they were known to the military for some time. we're hearing from our people in kabul that even the afghan government knew about these photos but there was apparently no rush to release them until the "l.a. times" did. now, in terms of the u.s. military saying that there is concern that the release of these photos could incite some kind of retaliation against american forces, for the american commanders on the ground, they want nothing to happen that could put american troops at further risk. for the people here in the pentagon, there was concern about the release, perhaps more out of embarrassment instead of some kind of inciteful reaction from the afghans, because after all, thomas, if you look at a series of these photos out of afghanistan, there has never been any kind of public reaction
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on the part of the afghan people to these kind of what would be described in some quarters as war atrocities. >> jim miklaszewski thanks. i want to ask the colonel now, as you watch all this unfold, and as mik is saying the reaction at the pentagon, my goodness, not again that this is happening, but when you see this happening and the reputation it gives our troops, the perception it gives people not just in this country but around the world, what zuz it say to you and about the fact we're not learning from past mistake, not just from the ten-year war we've been in now but even vietnam and before that if. >> few people and few governments learn from past mistakes. i remember years ago the current leadership of the military were students at west point and we were talking about -- i was an instructor at the time -- we were talking about how we would never have a conflict again like vietnam, we'd never go someplace with a vague assumption about what we were going to do and poor money and materiel into it.
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we'd dmoefr it again, and here they are presiding over the same thing. whatever reputation has been besmirched, it has a bigger effect in the united states than it does anywhere else in the world. this is a poorly led unit and i think investigation will demonstrate that. >> the person who released these photos said they did so to embarrass the leadership. >> and they've been very successful at doing it. indeed, i read a report that said that the brigade commander of this unit, the 82nd, had already been already either admonished or punished by the chain of command. there will be more to this, but this is clearly a unit where there was insufficient supervision to make sure that everybody acted the way he was supposed to. >> unfortunately, we'll most likely be reporting on kickback that comes from this. colonel jack jacobs, thanks, mik at the pentagon, thank you. brand-new details in the hooker scandal rocking the secret service. we're learning personnel under investigation have been offered a polygraph test and some have accepted. sources tell nbc news up to 21
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women, 21 are involved. 11 agents are involved under fire including snipers, explosive experts and two supervisors. the white house is backing the agency's chief. >> the president has confidence in the director of the secret service. director sullivan acted quickly in response to this incident and is overseeing an investigation as we speak into the matter. the president will not speculate about conclusions that the investigation might reach. >> michael isikoff joins us now. what is the latest development this turn about the polygraph tell us about the direction of the investigation? some could say this is a good thing if they've got nothing to hide, no worries, or this means they're distrusted and that some people in the top levels here of this investigation don't think they're hearing the truth. >> well, i suspect that there's
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a lot of -- there are some nervous secret service agents right now joifrs this development. look, this has the potential to become much bigger for several reasons. first, the polygraph is certainly a part of it, but it's important to remember that the secret service personnel we're talking about are special agents and members of the uniformed division. they're all law enforcement officers. they all have their careers on the line over this. and while the procurement of prostitution in colombia may not in and of itself have been a crime, it is a crime to lie to federal investigators. and they all know that. so at this point, they're certainly going to be questioned about what they did down there, how they happened to meet these women, why they brought them back to the room. that may have been a violation of agency policy in terms of personnel misconduct, acting in ways that could embarrass the
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secret service. but once they are asked under investigation what happened and what they did, they are facing potential federal crimes if p they don't tell the truth. and i think that's the most serious part of this. >> michael isikoff, nbc, for us. thank you so much. we want to turn to florida congresswoman and d.c. chair debbie wasserman-schultz who joins us to talk about a lot of issues. great to see you. i want your reaction because there is much in the news today. fist off the images released in the "l.a. times" picturing american troops posing with the remains of afghan suicide bombers. how does this impact the perception that the president's military leadership is awry? >> there is not a connection between the president and these pictures or -- i mean this -- these unfortunate pictures really are a reflection that -- of the bad judgment, terrible judgment and mistakes made by
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troops and their supervisors. the desecration of any -- you know, any deceased individual and their remains is unacceptable. it's unacceptable to the president. and the appropriate consequences need to be unleashed on the individuals that took part in this. >> meanwhile, this comes on the heels of this double doels of scandals in washington, d.c., right now, with the secret service prostitution investigation, hearing about the details from our michael isikoff there, then the gross misappropriation of funds for the gsa, the propensity then to brag about it. we're now learning that jeff nealy, who's being investigated, who is the head of the gsa, investigated for approving lavish trips on the taxpayer dime, kickbacks, bribery. are you worried these scandals will taint the democrats and the president's re-election chances, the mud will stick? >> president obama has, as president, adopted the highest ethical standards and requirements of his staff of any
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president in history both in the white house and across the administration. the dismissal of the head of the gsa was appropriate. the investigation that is ongoing is appropriate. and as a member of congress, you know, congress is investigating, and that's important to the government oversight committee will appropriately look into this, and that's as it should be. but the president has made it very clear that this type of conduct, waste, fraud, and abuse is absolutely unacceptable. he's made the ferreting out of waste, fraud, and abuse a very high priority in his administration and that will continue to be a priority and there will be consequences p. >> mitt romney looks to be on the rise in the poll, extending the lead in the gallup daily tracking poll to five points. favorable numbers have risen about ten points. there's going to be this natural tightening we hear everybody talking kt, a two-man race, the likely primary challenger, that is, now being mitt romney.
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are you concerned, though, that this natural tightening is happening a lit tool quickly? >> no. this is going to be a close election regardless, and we're in the process and have been while the republican primary was unfolding and they were busy outright winging each other. as mitt romney begins to try to etch-a-sketch away his extreme positions he took during the primary, we're standing up the most dynamic grassroots presidential campaign in history. really thousands of offices across the country and making sure our campaign is powered by people. the polls are going to tighten. we're not focused on the polls. we're focused on making sure the dramatic contest between the two directions this country could go, president obama fighting for the middle class and working family, that if you make more than a million dollars that you don't pay a lower tax rate than your secretary, while mitt romney continues to go to bat for people who are already fabulously wealthy and make sure
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they can do it even better. >> republicans are making an all-out play for the latino vote, senator marco rubio expected to present an alternative to the dream act. a political op-ed saying the gop is listening to latinos. you're laughing but we're learning the obama campaign is going um now with spanish-language ads in commercials in colorado, nevada, and florida, all to combat any effort that the rnc or the right would make on this. is that going to be enough to maintain the president's current 40-point lead with latino voters with this much time between now and november? >> for me as someone who represents a large hispanic population in south florida and a state that the hiss panic vote is very significant, plus the hispanic voters that i've interacted with across the country, there's a reason that the president is way ahead in every single poll with latino voters. when it comes to immigration policy, president obama has supported and pushed for comprehensive immigration
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reform. mitt romney has the most extreme anti-immigration policy of any presidential candidate in history. when it comes to the economy, mitt romney is totally out of touch with the priorities of middle class families that would benefit hispanics. you know, at the end of the day, the priority of hispanic voters has been -- has been lifted by the democratic party. and i'll tell you, when it comes to advertising, lit's take you back to the beginning of our outreach efforts. our first ad, thomas, was a spanish-language ad that was released by the dnc because from day one, making sure that we reach out to the hispanic voters in this country and they understand that democrats and president obama have made their issues a priority was paramount in this campaign. >> congresswoman debbie wasserman schultz, your job is not easy today with all the news out there. thanks for joining us to take a lot of questions that a lot of people want answers to. thank you. mitt romney is picking up
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endorsements left and right from the gop establishment. still nothing from rick santorum. you can hear crickets. will it happen? i'm going to ask santorum's communication director. and just revealed in red bud, illinois, the third and final winners of that record mega millions jackpot. [ male announcer ] when this hotel added aflac to provide a better benefits package... oahhh! [ male announcer ] it made a big splash with the employees. [ duck yelling ] [ male announcer ] find out more at... [ duck ] aflac! [ male announcer ] ♪ ha ha!
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he's done a good job in a republican primary under some very difficult circumstances. and i think he's prepared for this general election and will appeal to more than half of america. >> welcome back, everybody. house speaker john boehner a new convert to the romney campaign. romney is still waiting for the seal of approval from his closest xets or the in that primary, rick santorum, who kept
8:18 am
up harsh rhetoric against his opponent that may explain his silence. national communications director for the campaign joins me now. i do want to read you a piece from one of the last fund-raising letters rick santorum sent to supporters picked up by the "des moines register" prior to to going out. it says it frightens me to my what will happen if mitt romney is the nominee. he presents zero contrast with barack obama on the major issues of this election. this part of the season santorum has not endorsed snorm mitt rom? he's haunted by the rhetoric and is still frightened by a true candidacy of mitt romney? >> no. that's some of the campaign literature you send out and try to raise money off of. that was something sent out way before he decided to get out of the race but it was sent third-class mail and is there now so it was a little late.
8:19 am
but, look, mitt romney and rick santorum are going to try to get together in the next month or so, have a conversation. i do know for a fact an endorsement will be one of the topics discussed. but of course there's no guarantee that an endorsement comes out of that meeting. it's just a conversation they're going to have. rick santorum won 11 states. he won more counties across this country than all the other candidates combined. he has an obligation to the delegates and also to the people who voted for him to push forth his conservative agenda and try to have an influence on mitt romney if he eventually becomes the nominee to try and, you know, push that conservative message forward as a general election candidate. >> hogan, throughout this primary, the republican primary, that is, we saw so many slip-ups turn into campaign attack ads really hurting the candidates. are comments along those lines of what we heard from hilary rosen going to happen more creating snare traps for the candidates? how strongly with the romney campaign pounce and seize on those opportunities?
8:20 am
>> you know, i'm not too sure. obviously, i don't work for governor romney. >> but you worked for santorum and when he would make a slip-up they didn't wait. they would pounce on those types of things. when gingrich would make a slip-up, they don't wait. they respond. >> right. >> so speaking from your experience working for rick santorum and going and competing against governor romney, how quick are they on the gun? >> they're very quick. they have a pretty good team assembled, a nationwide team and a lot of organization ready to make those pounces and make someone pay for a comment like that. but, you know, i mean, we'll be moving closer and closer to this election until that -- the summer ends, we're probably going to be seeing a lot more of these types of overblown stories on comments like that here and there, because until we really focus in on major issue, it looks like we'll have a long, hot summer full of campaign gaffes and ads and money made off those gaffes, and we'll wait until the general election gets into a full swing before moving
8:21 am
into substantive issues. >> appetite for it and restaurants serving it. thank you, hogan. alycia menendez, co-host of "power play" on sere yus xm radio, msnbc contributor susan del persio and erin mclight. thanks for your patience this morning. susan, your reaction right away to what hogan had to say about rick santorum and about the race and his thoughts and not coming out for mitt romney yet but that campaign literature shows up. that's how he felt a little while ago. >> perhaps that's why he hasn't endorsed him yet. didn't want to have that literature hitting at the same time, but i'm guessing that's not the case. the issue with the santorum endorsement isn't what this endorsement itself needs. what the issue is going to be, how long does it take for rick santorum to do it, because that's what people will hang on to and make part of the story around mitt romney. so that's why he needs to have that endorsement sooner rather
8:22 am
than later. >> erin, there's this new cbs/"new york times" poll that puts the president and romney in this dead heat on par with the other polls we've been dis cussing, romney received an ens dorsment this morning from mitch daniels on the heels of john boehner, misch mcconnell. they're lining up to endorse him. could we see mitt romney race ahead especially given the current d.c. scandals in washington and the latest thing out of afghanistan? >> sure, now that republicans are coming behind mitt romney, they're not going to be saying anything bad about mitt romney. but in terms of the endorseme s endorsements, i would point out that newt gingrich is still in the race, and although he's made it clear he thinks mitt romney will be the nominee, he's still in the race. herman cain, who was a presidential candidate, and rick perry, a presidential candidate, have endorsed newt gingrich, and they have not gotten behind mitt romney yet and neither has michele bachmann. we still have a little ways to go, but, yes, the republican
8:23 am
establishment is starting to fall in line and that should only help mitt romney in terms of the dialogue. >> let's show everybody where mitt romney is traveling today. charlotte, north carolina, today, the site of this summer's democratic convention. he'll deliver what he's calling the prebuttal to the president's acceptance speech. surrogates to the site of the president's speech in ohio today. the obama cam page team, the re-election team, we know it can be massive, the team that got him in the office in the first place, it was well oiled and fine-tuned. but what do you think about the romney campaign really being on the offensive right now and serving it to the obama re-election team? >> the strong place for the romney team, certainly a stronger place they've been in throughout this primary. most interesting with that map is democrats laid out five different paths to victory. there was a western expansion, florida, and there was an ohio plan. so i think the fact that you see romney doubling down on north carolina, doubling down on ohio tells you a lot about where they
8:24 am
think they can pick up states, where they can pick up electoral votes. >> what do you think about romney being able to catch up with latinos? they're not going to discount listening to latinos and their needs, what's important to them this election season. debbie wasserman schultz discounting that. there is this 40% gap, basically. can they make up that space and make a dent at what could be or looks like to be a sure thing for president obama and take some of that away? >> our democracy is strong and the latino community benefit most when both parties vie for their votes. that said romney has a lot of things to do in order to get that krat with a la tinos, needs to make sure his position on the dream act and comprehensive litigation, distance himself from crisco vak. then he needs a positive message he can sell to latinos. if he can do that triumvirate, he has a chance. >> ted nugent not backing down from statements he made this
8:25 am
weekend at the nra convention. apparently the secret service looking into the comments this that he had, you know, said he'd either be dead or in jail next year if president obama is re-elected. now he said this. take a listen. full screen. excuse me. i'm a black jew at a nazi klan rally and there are some power abusing corrupt mon stores in our federal government who despise me because i have the audacity to speak the truth. does mitt romney need to come out and directly denounce these kinds of things? i mean, this is -- >> everyone should denounce all of these types of things, whether -- it doesn't matter if you're on -- >> if it doesn't come from the left, it will from the right. >> that's the kind of thing you want to turn off the tv immediately because it's really revolting. i think they could have come out, the romney campaign could have come out harder on it, frankly, and it would have made him look like he's willing to stand up to anybody and make him look stronger. >> romney didn't come out on rush limbaugh. he only said i wouldn't have used those types of words.
8:26 am
he didn't denounce calling her a slut and a prostitute. >> this is also the problem that barack obama didn't come out on bill maher. on a campaign, don't help me. wait till i ask for it. you're going to have the left and the right trying to come out with these messages and who can be nastier or mean or more disgusting to get some ratings. >> it will always be somebody. >> it will be. >> the politico and the fascinating article on the year of the surrogate, people like knew jenlt, rosen, bill maher, rush limbaugh, not doing the surrogate, that title, any favors, nevertheless throwing these rhetorical bombs out there that really have a ripple effect out there. is this really the new phenomenon we're going to continue watching this as this heats up? we're in that season racing toward november. >> well, sure. and these nonsurrogates who support the candidates have far more interesting things to say because they don't have to get comment afrooufl the campaigns.
8:27 am
a lot of the official surrogates for each of the campaigns have to go to the press departments and say do i have the approval from you to say this? well, that makes for just talking points and not very interesting dialogue. so, instead, we focus on some of these other people who are free to say whatever they want and are really speaking their minds. yes, we're more inclined to cover that instead. >> my thanks to all of you this morning for your insights. appreciate it. >> thank you. we finally get to meet the mega millions lottery winners in illinois. the only winner of that record jackpot to actually come forward, showing their face. plus, the countdown is on, just 100 days until the summer olympics in london. how the world is preparing.
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after i looked at it for a couple minute, i turned to my wife and said, we won. she kind of looked at me funny. i says, no, we won. then she started giggling. and she giggled for about four hours. >> probably some nervous laughter there. excitement, too. the illinois winners of the mega millions ticket revealed weeks after scoring part of that record-breaking jackpot. until today, the illinois winners was a mystery are with the holders not yet claiming their share of that giant $565 million prize. mystery solved with the lut bers, merle and patricia coming forward for that prize. they're lifetime residents of a small town of red bud, illinois, where the winning ticket is sold. correspondent janet shamlian is there for today's big reveal. what do we know about these
8:32 am
winners other than they're really likable and janet likes to gig snl. >> they are. >> or merle's wife likes to giggle p. >> patricia likes to gig al lot. they just walked out after collecting that big check. they had quite a couple of weeks trying to keep this secret. one interesting thing that they mentioned was that the next morning after he described looking at the ticket and seeing that he was the winner, very early in the morning, right when their bank opened, they put it in an envelope and came to the bank to put it in their safe deposit box. a teller at the bank, who they knew, and they know everyone in town, said to him, oh, you're probably here so early this morning because you're putting your winning ticket in the lockbox. merle said, yes, i am, laughed it off, and went ahead and put the winning tick net the lockbox. they kept it there for the next few weeks while they consulted officials, financial consultants and others. they said they only told a handful of people, fewer than five, presumably that includes their children. they have thirn and grandchildren. and they're not planning any big
8:33 am
activity. they said there might be a vacation, but while merle describes himself as retired, he says this is a full-time job, managing this money. and he hasn't really been specific about what they're going to do with it but said they're taking appropriate measures to invest it. they've got financial planners. and, you know, they had to come forward in illinois. it is not optional. it is a requirement in this state unlike kansas and maryland where the other winners claimed their prizes anonymously. here in illinois they had to come forward. and they did so today. both in their 60s, great people. and very happy to be here and have -- given their story today and stha thai slipped away ever so quickly. thomas? >> couldn't have happened to a nicer couple. thanks, janet. frustration over tsa screening at portland international airport prompted one man to bare all to prove his point. frequent flier john brenan set off one of the agent's wanlds during the screening but decided to take things one step further
8:34 am
by shedding all of his clothes to show them he wasn't carrying any weapons. he was charged with disorderly conduct by local police. you see him in the center of the screen. anyway, new york's transport authority is condemning a film posted on youtube showing new york city teens jumping down to the tracks at the subway station to play chicken with an oncoming train. one of the teens barely escaped injury, climbing back on the platform just seconds before the next train arrived in that station. well, dramatic and shocking images of a car plowing into a florida store front over the weekend. and we have to warn you these images are disturbing. came out of nowhere. 2004 toyota camry barreling through the sliding glass doors of this publix grocery store slamming into the bystanders. ten people were hurt, two seriously. the 76-year-old driver was not hurt but charged with careless driving. alcohol was not a factor in the crash. does aspirin even work on my headache?
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welcome back. we are following breaking news about the photos that have surfaced showing u.s. troops posing with body parts of dead taliban suicide bombers. the pictures were sent to the "l.a. times," which published those images this morning. the pentagon came out strongly condemning the conduct displayed in the photos, and the army is conducting a criminal investigation. secretary of defense leon panetta says he's dispinted the "l.a. times" published the photos in spite of a request to keep him away from the public. panetta says the photos couldn't save violence against our troops. joining me is congresswoman sheila jackson lee of texas' 18th district. good to have you with me this morning. a lot to talk about. first off, these photos could not come at a worse time, a critical point in the afghan war and several other horrific incidents including the shoots of afghan civilian by sergeant robert bayles. what does this do to the perception of our troops?
8:39 am
>> the first thing i should say having been to afghanistan on a number of occasions and i co-chair the afghan caucus is that we know that the bulk of our troops, the majority of our troops, are fine young men and women putting their lives on the line while their families are here at home praying for their survival. but this is what we call a pile-on. it could not have happened at a worse time. but, thomas, here's what i would say -- it is time to leave afghanistan. we have war weariness. we recognize that films may be coming um in times in the future. we don't know what else is out there. and we realize that these are being thoroughly investigated by the pentagon. we take these cases very seriously. but it doesn't seem to have an impact on the indigenous people in afghanistan. it's a tough road, and it is time now to end this weary war to begin to transfer security to the afghan national security forces, providing technical assistance, and bring our troops home in honor. we don't know what else is out there, and we can't defend
8:40 am
against it. just after the incidents with the burning of the koran we saw two of our commanders, our brass being shot dead in the building in kabul. we've seen our soldiers being shot in mountaintops, specifically because of these incidents. now we have one incident after another. it's what we have been saying for a long time. those of us who have said it is time to end the war in afghanistan. >> congresswoman, you talk about this pile-on. i want to talk to you about the prostitution scandal that embroiled the u.s. secret service kurptdly. we know you were in colombia for the summit this past weekend. you spoke with the head of the agency. what did director sullivan tell you, and do you think the white house is right in defending him? or should the president be more angry and show it? >> well, i think the president has the right temperament. let's be very clear. this is not president obama's scandal. yes, i did have a high briefing with him and i, too, believe that the important steps now is to let director sullivan thoroughly investigate this. but i'd call for an investigation by the oversight
8:41 am
committee, homeland security, of which i'm a member. let's do that investigation, that hearing immediately. it will not impede the investigation, but it will allow director sullivan to give the parameters of the investigation. we won't have to be eking it out issue by issue. it will let him discuss the culture question, you know, let him discuss the repetition question. let me tell you, thomas, this is now an international incident. the intelligence authorities in cluster bomb are you investigating this. this is not about whether this was a prostitute. prostitutes sometimes have no other outlet in these poor countries. sometimes prostitution is a way that women have to survive. sometimes they are a part of human trafficking. it is also not a question of whether or not these were girls or women that came voluntarily. this is a zero-tolerance issue. these individuals of the investigation should proceed. i don't want to interfere with it. but they need to go, every last one of them need to go. they've insulted the nation. they've insulted the secret
8:42 am
service's 147-year history and frankly insulted women. i have no tolerance. but i believe that if we had a hearing quickly we would have director sullivan indicating the parameters of his proceeding. and i also believe that in going forward we need to vet every single member of the secret service staff not to insult them but to be able to stand up and say that we have the fullest confidence in the integrity and professionalism of these men and women. i've worked with them over the years. i know they are stellar leaders. but the guys that decided along with our military personnel that the pentagon and defense, because there are separate rules, have to address, general dempsey said he was absolutely embarrassed. but the civilian secret service who we look up to -- i remember years ago they used to have to be tall, dark, and handsome somebody said. the point is we have diversity now with women and many wonderful americans who have committed themselves to the secret service willing to take a bullet. those who decided to violate the
8:43 am
breach and reach the security wall in the hotel who allowed people to sign in, go into their rooms, possibly overtake them, if you will, and secure information, let me say to you, thomas, they need to go. they can follow the procedures, the civil procedures. i'm a big supporter of federal workers and rights, but this cancer has to be carved out, and i'm not willing to be intimidated and step back from it. >> schlie la jackson lee, thanks for coming on. >> thank you for having me on. >> absolutely. other stories. a registered nurse in custody accused of killing a young mom, kidnapping her newborn outside a houston pediatrician's office. the baby has been found and is safe. houston police say it began with an lter case with the woman and the nurse. witnesses say the mom was calling for her child as she lay dying. police say the nurse, who's in custody, does not work at the
8:44 am
pediatrician's office. they have not commented on the connection between suspect and victim and haven't said where the baby was alternately found. this morning north carolina detectives are asking for the public's help in locating missing soldier kelly bordeaux-she was last seen early saturday morning leaving a bar in fayetteville. her sister made an impassioned plea for help on tuesday. >> missing work is not something in character for kelly. her friends and family love her very much. if anybody knows anything, please contact the police department. >> police echoed that sentiment this morning, saying bordeaux is a good soldier who would not go awol. and the "orlando sentinel" is reporting that the judge in george zimmerman's murder trial could recuse herself as early as tuld. zimmerman's lawyer filed a request to have the judge removed last week after discovering that her husband works with the first attorney that his client contacted for representation. zimmerman's bail hearing is currently scheduled for this coming friday. ♪ [ acoustic guitar: slow ]
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sxwroo welcome back. tomorrow residents say yea or nay on a constitutional amendment that if approved would describe marriage as being explicitly between a man and a woman. joining me is gaston county commissioner tracy fillbeck who supports it and robert kellogg, openly gay. north carolina is the only state in the south that has not approved, not approved the constitutional amendment banning marriage equality. as we look at the national map, there are eight states including d.c. that have aprooufd marriage equality. basically north carolina sand witched between many of those in the north. other conservative states in the south. tracy, i want to ask you first, why do you support what many
8:49 am
consider to be to add discreme nation, dispel discrimination out in your state constitution? >> well, first of all, thomas, this doesn't add discrimination. it simply reinforces the statute that we have on the books already. what the opposition would like to do is redefine marriage. >> tracy, when you talk about redefinning marriage, as you look at the almost other 20% of the country where marriage equality is legal now, are you using any examples from those sections of the country that have added problems for straight couples or heterosexual couples having a successful and loving marriage for north carolinians? >> i don't see any problems with those issues. at the end of the day, this vote is about reinforcing marriage between a man and a woman. >> robert, you've protested the attempts to this ban. what skinld of support have you been seeing within this the state of north carolina to the opposition?
8:50 am
>> there is a growing support across north carolina and on a local level. let me just say real quickly if this amendment does pass it will have far-reaching consequences and not just gays and lesbians but for all families in north carolina. this will be an attack on families that will -- that are not traditional families. elderly couples who live together because they can't make ends meet, women who have orders of protection against abusive partners. children who have health care domestic partner benefits where they are offered in their places of employment. this has far reaching circumstances for north carolina far beyond the gay and lesbian issue. >> robert, do some people see this as seeking a solution for a problem that doesn't exist? >> it is. there's already two laws that gay marriage is not legal. this is a waste of time, a waste of effort. not needed at this time when
8:51 am
there are so many other issues in north carolina which deserve concentration on the part of our lawmakers. >> tracey, prior to this interview, you have said about the issue itself, about marriage equality, and this is your quote, all i know is marriage between -- is between one man and one woman. a simple concept i don't think you have to complicate it. from your perspective, why do you see marriage equality as a complication instead of another pillar for inclusion for american families? >> well, let's be clear. the marriage protection amendment is about one thing. it's about reinforcing it marriage between one man and one woman. what robert would like to tell you that it's going to destroy families, that it's going to destroy child custody cases as we know it. that is absolutely false. that is propaganda. at the end of the day, the marriage protection amendment is all about reinforcing what we already have on the books. historically, marriage as an
8:52 am
institution was here before north carolina was founded. before the united states of america was founded. and this is an institution that was created by god. i as an elected official will stand up for these issues and support traditional marriage. . >> gaston county commissioner tracie fillbeck and robert. i appreciate your time. we're going to be right back after this. you can slow the aging process through adding certain foods to your diet. blueberries contain anti-oxidants that combat inflammation and help boost memory. yogurt, particularly the greek variety is high in calcium to prevent osteoporosis and even the anti-oxidants in red wine can help prevent cells from aiming. ain... a load of new listings... and two pills. after a morning of walk-ups, it's back to more pain,
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just 100 days from the london olympics and city officials are prepping for millions of visitors from around the globe. more than 200 countries will compete with the 15,000 athletes, 9 million tickets largely sold and here in new york city, times square has been turned into a mini olympic
8:56 am
village. members from team usas are there signing autographs. that's going to wrap things up for me today. i'll see you back here tomorrow at 11:00 a.m. eastern time. "now with alex wagner" is coming your way next. >> mitt romney is prebudding president obama's convention speech. will it work or should the rom neat wait till he's actually the nominee? plus, republicans have a lot of work to secure the hispanic vote and placate the base. and what do jeremy lin, kristin wig and bibi netanyahu have in common? we'll tell you when "now" starts in a mere 180 seconds. aspirin is just old school. people will have doubts about taking aspirin for pain. that's why we developed bayer advanced aspirin with micro particles. it enters the bloodstream fast and rushes relief to the site of pain. we know it works. now we're challenging you to put it to the test.
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